It is a matter of course nowadays to send our clothing to professionals to be cleaned, ironed, and taken care of – and our shoes deserve the same service: they are the foundation on which we stand.

Additional services


On request, your SOLE BUTLER can also take on the cleaning and care of the entire infrastructure around your shoes – meaning: shoe cupboards and cabinets. Outstanding cleanliness guaranteed.

The perfect basis for a strong appearance: your SOLE BUTLER supports you in restructuring your shoe closet. Get perfectly organised! Everything that shoes need: so that you get more from your shoes, your SOLE BUTLER advises on expert shoe care and assembles a customised shoe care kit for you, according to your personal shoe portfolio. From brushes and cloths through to creams and other care and protection products, only the highest quality products will be included in your shoe-cleaning box. Because only the best equipment is good enough when it comes to your appearance.

First Aid Kit

Torn shoelaces – and always just at the worst possible moment! Didn’t we used to have a couple of spare shoe trees? Where are the heel protectors for my high heels? I really want to wear them tonight, but my friend will never speak to me again if I ruin her new flooring! SOLE BUTLER has a solution for exactly these kinds of special cases concerning shoes: a highly efficient and comprehensive first aid kit. One call is enough to ensure that you have everything you need in the twinkling of an eye.

Disposal service

In your shoe cupboard, in your cellar, in the attic or wherever, old shoes that you haven’t worn for ages tend to pile up. They take up valuable space and suffocate your favourite shoes. High time to tidy up and make space. Your SOLE BUTLER takes care of the professional and reliable disposal of worn-out and unneeded footwear.*

* In the case of discarded footwear that is still in good condition, we prefer to donate the items to Caritas.

Second Life: Comprehensive cleaning

You’re very attached to a certain pair of shoes or boots. You’ve worn them through the highs and lows of your life. They’ve seen you through thick and thin – and you’ve asked a bit too much of them, evidently. Now they look as if you’d dragged them through a mud bath – filthy, worn-out, beyond repair, surely?

Stop – don’t throw them away! It’s time to call in the SOLE BUTLER – help is on the way. Following a thorough examination on the spot, your SOLE BUTLER will save whatever can be saved. With a little luck, some highly specialised SOLE BUTLER know-how and careful work, after comprehensive cleaning your favourite pair of shoes will be shining like new – we’ll give them a second life.

Deodorising service

After use, any other piece of clothing sooner or later ends up in the washing machine. But not our shoes. In order that your enjoyment and choice of appropriate footwear is not overshadowed and spoiled by unpleasant smells, the SOLE BUTLER has the very best, most effective remedies and means for preventing and combatting odours in shoes and cupboards.

Enjoy the wonderful freshness of your shoes!

Relocation service

 There is barely an everyday item that suffers from being moved as much as our shoes. Usually stuffed into boxes in wild disarray and at the last moment, they often emerge unrecognisable when unpacked at their new home. Relocation should not become a traumatic experience of shock for your shoes, so the SOLE BUTLER ensures they are given a proper, clean and gentle transfer. On request your relocation can also be taken as an opportunity for cleaning and maintenance.

Shoe closet planning

So that everything has space and order: the depth of your enjoyment of shoes grows with the quality of the infrastructure used to store and maintain them. A spotless shoe closet, in which gleaming, neatly arranged shoes await their owner, is a source of joy – as are high-quality care products, within easy reach, well organised and cleanly stowed away: this is exactly what makes the difference. Your SOLE BUTLER plans the optimum infrastructure for your shoes – customised to meet your requirements.