Premium products for impeccable care

For impeccable care and a brilliant shine on your shoes, only the best is good enough. Which is why your SOLE BUTLER trusts in the uncompromising quality of Burgol®.

This top brand from Germany, highly regarded by both the most demanding shoe aficionados and professional users, offers a handpicked range of first-class shoe and leather care products – from brushes to creams, waxes, pastes, pomades, oils and much more – finely tuned to the needs of the particular kinds of leather, sustainable, gentle, natural and meticulously made by hand.

Its variety concentrates on what is essential – on giving the leather what it needs in order to maintain or restore its elasticity, suppleness and shine. The range developed from a passion for what is true, good and beautiful. Burgol® shoe care products are based on many decades of experience, top professional expertise and a profound capacity for innovation.

Further information about this and the many other products from top-quality brand Burgol® can be found here.