It is a matter of course nowadays to send our clothing to professionals to be cleaned, ironed, and taken care of – and our shoes deserve the same service: they are the foundation on which we stand.


Range of services


Your shoes in the best hands! The SOLE BUTLER comes to your home – as required or at fixed intervals (weekly, monthly, every three or six months) – and discreetly and efficiently on the spot provides professional and meticulous care for your footwear, restoring the shine of your shoes in no time. Only select care products are used, which permanently strengthen the shoe leather and other materials. As an alternative, your SOLE BUTLER also offers the option of collecting your shoes from your home, delivering them back once they have been thoroughly and expertly groomed.


Your SOLE BUTLER is also happy to make sure that damaged or worn items are professionally and meticulously repaired or restored.

The SOLE BUTLER has contact with selected specialists, experienced craftspeople and proven masters of their profession, and will be delighted to take care of all aspects of shoe care for you.

Mobile: your pop-up Butler

Whether it’s in hotels, businesses, shopping centres or at stylish and elegant events such as balls, trade fairs, conferences, anniversary celebrations, receptions, openings or equestrian tournaments: upon request, your SOLE BUTLER – either as required or regularly at fixed times – is on site with a skilled care infrastructure and smart furnishings, ensuring that you and your clients look and feel your best.


Beautiful shoes are a source of joy and inspiration – of this, there is no doubt. And yet too many shoes in one’s cupboard can soon become a horror story. The space required positively explodes, chaos prevails in and around the wardrobe. Choosing a pair becomes a challenge each time. Do we need to clear some out? throw them away? Not necessarily – why be parted from your cherished companions?! This is where the SOLE BUTLER steps up with his storage service. Depending on the season, he will collect unused shoes and store them properly in ideal spatial and climatic conditions at the SOLE BUTLER Depot. This includes, for example, ski boots and winter boots during the summer, and during the winter various light summer shoes, light boots, sandals, etc. On request, professional care is included in the depot service, meaning that your shoes are returned to you shining like new.