„A good observer sees
from the condition of the shoes
with whom he is dealing.“

Honoré de Balzac

The French writer Honoré de Balzac recognised that the character and personality of a person can be discerned from their shoes.

Current market and motivation research confirms his belief: shoes are an expression of the values we represent, the attitudes we hold.

They shape the way we bear ourselves – both in the literal and figurative sense. And they play a key role in the perception and characterisation of a person. Beyond this, they are also accorded an almost cult status. For many years now I have had a penchant for shoes: or rather, a passion. I am constantly fascinated by the quality, artisanship, knowledge and expertise with which the materials are crafted. Footwear can be far more than than functional objects, more even than trend and fashion. Shoes reflect high values and a worth that goes beyond their practical value. They represent us in a far broader sense than simply as indications of status. They are connected to us. They convey our personality. In order to maintain their value and their unique character – while allowing you time for the things you would rather be doing – we offer your shoes our expert treatment and care, borne of knowledge, experience and passion. Your shoes retain their shape, quality and value while you enjoy many years of their personal companionship – without having to get your hands dirty.