Quality fanatic, a lover of order, devotee of cleanliness, an admirer of shoes, design confidant, connoisseur of leather, a boot aficionado, obsessed with artisanship, a fan of detail, label expert, ally to clients, fashion-conscious, tradition-conscious, a perfectionist, advocate for elegance, partner in reliability, a great believer in fastidiousness:

With both feet firmly on the ground, down-to-earth in the highest sense of the word, tactful, steadfast, discreet, determined, uncompromising when it comes to quality and essential values – inside and out; a dash of old school.
That’s me: Karl Haerdtl – your SOLE BUTLER

It took just a moment for the idea to take hold. Of course, everything had been pointing that way for a long time, and yet suddenly the door had opened, unexpectedly. It was immediately clear to me: this is my mission – SOLE BUTLER. I have always been determined to do my own thing, to create a concept beyond the standard and the conventional, to bring it to market maturity and so make your everyday life easier.

Shoes – my passion. I believe in what is good and beautiful, which, with proper care, will accompany you for many years.

I am here for your shoes.